Чехол на автомобильные сиденья zatooto

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Тип изделия:Крышки & поддержки места
Высота Изделия:50cm
Ширина Изделия:65cm
Длина Изделия:135cm
Особенности:Хранение и уборки,Основные Функция
Набор Кусок:7
Тип материала:Полиуретан
Вес товара:1.18kg
Серийный номер производителя:strip
Применимо Сезон:4 сезона
Material Type:leather
Special Features:cover


26 Декабря 2017
Covers on the seat came 45 days before Kamchatka, although the seller sent them to the transport company of the CPCR. week 2 in Kamchatka, the brain was carried out in the most transport company, could not deliver until he himself went and picked up. Of the entire set of covers 2 covers on the front seats were moldy. I do not know whose fault this is the seller or the transport company. Until I put on the seats, I'll write in addition.